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3 Body Alignment:  This is for aligning the astral, spiritual and physical energies of yourself and your companion. It is for a stronger connection and a more unilateral consciousness.  This is only done with Body Attachments.       $15.00 per companion

Continuous Charge Spell:   This is for the companion to have unlimited charging energy; making their energy stronger and not having to charge them or their vessels in the sunlight, moonlight or charging box .       $15.00 per companion

Rebinding:   Some clients have come to me asking for help rebinding a companion for them.  I am more than happy to help.  This can be for making the binding stronger or changing the vessel.  For this one, I will need a photo of the old vessel and the new vessel if you are changing vessels.       $10.00 per companion


These extras are something you can have added to any of the Companions you are purchasing now or for Companions that you already have.

If you have any questions, please feel free to ask.

What I need from you..…

Photo of Vessel if you already have the vessel or a photo of yourself if this is for a body attachment.

The companions name, being type, sex and any type of information you feel is important for the attachment or energy work.

Your name

Please e-mail this information to me at christy@enchantedenlightenment.com