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This butterfly fairy is a lovely fairy that lives in the Realm called Neumph (nee-umph).  She is a sweet young girl that loves to fly around and play with all of the other fairies, butterflies and insects that live and work with flowers.  She has long lavender hair that is tied into a large thick braid down her back.  She wears a pretty white dress that goes to her knees and has dark blue piping down the sides; blue is her very favorite color, especially navy blue.  Her wings are a deep purple and white mix.  They look almost tie-dyed in appearance.  She is truly beautiful to look at.

She has come to me looking for her newest friend.  She loves to sing and dance and make jokes.  She wants to share these jokes with you and laugh together.  She also hopes that you can teach her some of your dance moves and she’ll teach you some of hers.  Her laugh is fun too.  It sounds like tiny bells that have been blown together by a gentle breeze. They tinkle and clink in a way that not only makes you happy, but also makes you think of all the happy times you have ever had.  

She is only 6 inches tall and you will find that she likes to sit on your shoulder.  She says the right side is her most favorite side.  You may even feel her tickle your neck, ear or even your nose when she is trying to get your attention and you are not paying attention.

She also likes to play outside in the grass and trees and learn about all of the flowers, bugs, trees and bushes.  She says that they are all important and need someone like you to help care for them.  She wants to help you grow up smart and ready to enjoy the outside most of all.

She also wants to share stories and become best friends and grow up along with you.  She will always keep your secrets and listen to you when you are happy, sad, scared or mad.  She will always be your friend and hopes that you will always be hers.

 18K Gold Plated Pink CZ Butterfly Pendant with Necklace (Child’s)


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Butterfly Fairies are truly incredible.  They not only have the characteristics of fairies and butterflies, but they also have their own special endowments.  Butterfly Fairies, like butterflies, guide you through transformation and change.  They do this with love, patience, positivity, and laughter.  They believe that all things should lead to laughter.  Most would disagree, but not these fairies.  Even death can bring laughter, for while in the sadness you are able to find your grief and then sprinkle light on it with memories and celebration.  So even when your heart is broken, you are able to laugh (even while crying) and in essence, heal.

Like most fairies, Butterfly Fairies are connected to Mother Earth.  They play, live, dance, and exist among the glories of Mother Earth and/or at least one of the 5 elements (water, earth, air, fire, and ether).  Butterfly Fairies work with them all (though fire is the rarest).  What is incredible about these Fairies is that they are able to assist Mother Earth with her own healing.  They are able to guide her through her own transformation while she is unfortunately slowly destroyed by the human race.  Though slow, they are able to reverse much of the damage that is cause.

For example, you have just purchased a house and the people that used to own it, either were unable to care for the grounds or didn’t care about them.  So you found garbage and used appliances in the bushes and on the lawn.  Where there had once been a large vegetable garden now lies a dirt and gravel trash heap.  Many trees had half of their limbs cut and yanked on so that parts of the branches had ragged snaps and breaks and there was even a tree that had a rope in the middle of it where the tree had grown around it.  You look at it and want to cry at the destruction and ruin of this piece of Mother Earth.  This is where the Butterfly Fairy comes in.  

Butterfly Fairies are able to assist you with transforming the gravel and dirt into a productive soil and they will assist the flowers in growing faster once planted.  They will help you get that rope out of the tree, or at least the part you can see without hurting the tree any further.  They will show you to areas of the grounds that need the most assistance and will guide you to discoveries on the land that will help you have more success in making this land more beautiful and healthy.  Some Butterfly Fairies have been known to find small natural streams that lead to a natural watering path for much of the foliage on their land.  Not only this, but they help you become more excited and productive when working on the land.  They show you (in your mind’s eye) what it can and could be and this brings more motivation and action to you.  For they show you that anything is possible with the change and healing of the land that you now live on.

Butterfly Fairies do usually prefer to have pairs in a household, but it isn’t necessary.  They just like to be together and work together and it helps them be even more productive on the healing and nurturing of the land you live on.  You do not have to own the land for them to work on it and heal it.  

Butterfly Fairies are also great for children.  They are gentle and are of a pure white light.  They allow your child to see the world through a different hue than most people usually see with.  This leads your child to learn more about the care of themselves and of Mother Earth.  This does not mean you or your child wouldn’t see the negative, it just means that they and you will see more of what is necessary and important and good for them and others.  A very important message for anyone, at any age.