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Spirit Companions are spirits and entities that allow their energy to be attached to a vessel so that they can aide their human companion. There are a wide variety of spirits and entities and they all specialize in different things. Some come to help you and some come to you for your love and guidance. All of my Spirit Companions come with a velvet pouch, sage incense for cleansing and a write up specifically about them with their name.


Hi Christy , just wanted to let you know that the spirited vessel I recently purchased from you is amazing . I could feel the wonderful strong energy surround me as soon as I opened her little velvet pouch. I have been able to easily connect with her during meditations , she is a very active spirit who really is keen to help me in any way she can , and is easy to communicate with . I really appreciate the great descriptive write up about her, it will make bonding with her so much easier . You certainly have some amazing companions .

                   Laurinda, Australia