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Sometimes you feel a pull towards someone and you don't understand why. Sometimes there is a person in your life, and there is a strong feeling of history or connection of some sort. Sometimes you talk to a person and it feels like they know you better than anyone else in the world and you have only known them for 5 minutes. You may wonder...Have I had past lives with them? Are they my soul mate or twin flame? Why do I feel like I have known them forever????

This reading will help you understand your connection more fully with another person in this lifetime. It can also be done with your spirit companions or even family pets or animals that are near you.  This reading will help you get your answers and even understand more fully how you are connecting to each other. Some people completely dislike each other for no apparent reason. I can tell you why.

To do this reading, I will need a full body photo of you and the other being you are wanting the reading done on. I will also need a close up of both of your faces and eyes. You can wear glasses if you normally do, but please make sure there is no glare. I NEED to see your eyes. Please do not send me a photo of just your eyes. The photo must be no more than 7 days old for yourself; and the other person or animal if possible. If you are unable to get a recent photo of the other person, we will just work with what you can get.

If this is for a spirit companion, please send me three different photos of the vessel. One on a plain surface, one with you holding the item (skin to vessel) and one with the back of the vessel. If there is a body binding, then please be sure to let me know and if they told you where they connected the energy to you - if the seller does that.

I will also need both of your first names, full birth dates and what your current relationship or connection is.

Please send all photos and information to christy@enchantedenlightenment.com

Heart’s Connection READING

Heart’s Connection Reading    $75.00

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