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What is your purpose in this life?  Why are you here?  This is an in depth reading of what I see, am told and what your guides want you to know about it.   This reading is based on where you are now in your life.  It will give you the main focus for your overall life, but also a focus of where you are right now.

Just working for the future is not conducive to a productive path; and our path along the way twists and turns.  We have many different paths that we have taken and will take.  This reading will let you know your purpose, but also how you are doing right now.  

For this reason, three photos of you taken within 96 hours is necessary.  These photos must be on different days and have your eyes fully visible in a close up photo and be a full length photo in two others.  The close up photo can be the same day as either of the other two full length photos.  If it is an older photo, I will not do the reading.  If you mislead me with an older photo, then you will be the one that suffers, for the reading will not be about now and it will give you information about your past.  The overall purpose will still be right, but that is it.  So a waste of my time, your time and your money.

This is a one of a kind reading!! This is an e-mail reading. Please send your information and picture, with a clear view of the eyes to christy@enchantedenlightenment.com.

Life Path Reading

Life Path Reading    $75.00

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