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This is a specialty reading that I do for clients.  

Spelled Item readings are short readings that will go over the energy I feel connected to the spelled item.  This is for the spell itself, not for any being that may be connected to to the item.  I will tell you if I feel the spell that is supposed to be there and if I don’t I will tell you what I do feel.  Remember, energy does it’s own thing, so sometimes it manipulates itself into something else, especially if the caster was working with your intentions.  This reading is NOT a reading to prove another caster’s legitimacy.  

I will NOT do spell testing.  If the item has not already been purchased by you, I will NOT read the item.  You must own the item and have a picture of the item that is not from the seller, but from you.  I will not read stock photos.

Please send a photo of their vessel to christy@enchantedenlightenment.com.  If they are body bound, please send a picture of yourself.  The photo must be current and not a photo from the caster.

I will also need to know the spell that was originally placed on the item.

Spelled Item Reading       $10.00

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