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Tarot readings can be very helpful in connecting with your own energy and letting you know what has happened or will happen in the past, present and future.

My tarot card readings can be done as one question per card or as a question for a spread of cards. I charge by the quarter hour for live tarot readings and by the card for e-mail readings.

If this is for an e-mail reading, please send your question(s) to christy@enchantedenlightenment.com.

Tarot Card Reading (15 Minutes)     $25.00

Tarot Card Reading (30 Minutes)     $45.00

Tarot Card Reading (45 Minutes)     $65.00

Tarot Card Reading (60 Minutes)     $85.00

Tarot Card Reading (Per Card)- E-mail Only     $5.00 each

Tarot Card Readings

You can find times that I am available for sessions on the

Session Sign Up page.

The times are in listed 30 minute increments.  If you want a 15 or 45 minute session, just write it into the form.


A Past Life Connection Reading

This is a reading for a single past life reading along with a 6 card tarot reading to assist you with understanding how this life and your past life connect.  This reading can help you understand possible past life karma - possible connections of people in your life and how certain changes may be an advantage or disadvantage - and more.  

For this reading, I will need a recent photo of yourself with your face and eyes clearly visible, your first and last name, and e-mail


12 Month Guidance Tarot Reading

Many times people want to know what to look forward to or beware of in the next year of their life.  This reading will give you a basic idea of what you can expect for each month coming up in the next year (12 consecutive months).  

I will pull one card for the main theme of that month and then a second card for each month that will help give supporting factors for that month.  It is a great way to help prepare yourself for any trials and to know when you can let loose a little.

All I need from you for this reading is your first and last name and e-mail address.

24 Cards     $108.00 ($16 Savings)

The Structure of Life Tarot Reading

This reading is about the entire human being you are.  It is a 34 card tarot reading that will give you insight into your:

 General Condition

 Chakras and Health

 Minor Chakras

 Relationships

 The Four Elements of your Life (Occupation/Enterprise, Love/Friendship, Conflicts/Disputes and Security/Money)

 Goals in Life

 The Inner Child

 Branches on the Tree of Life

This is a great reading to help you understand more of who you are, what you are going through and what you need to work on to improve yourself and your life.

34 Cards     $136.00 ($34 Savings)

Daily Tarot Card Reading

Have you ever had one of those days that you just wish you knew what kind of energy to expect from others or just from the day itself?  Have you ever gone back and forth with yourself as to how you should present yourself for a meeting or a job interview?  Have you ever just wished you knew what was going on around you and how you can help yourself escape from some of the craziness??

Then this reading is for you.  I am offering you the chance to know ahead of time what your day is going to look like.  I may share with you the energy I see around you and how you may better prepare yourself or I may be given advice to share with you for that special day.  I will ask my guides and yours to help me give you the advice or information that you need to know most for the days of your choosing.  I will pull 1 tarot card and do an intuitive reading with the card given to me and what I also “see” for that day.

You do not have to choose 10 days in a row and I do not need you to schedule all 10 days right away.  As long as I know the night before the day you wish to have the information.  I will need to know by 6 PM EST for the next day.  Otherwise I may not get the information soon enough to help you.  I can either give you the reading the night before or the morning of.  This will greatly depend on when you get up, what country you live in and when you would like to have the information available to you – and of course my sleep schedule.

5 Days (5 Cards)     $25.00

10 Days (10 Cards)     $45.00 ($5 Savings)

30 Days (30 Cards)     $120.00 ($30 Savings)

Celtic Cross Tarot Reading

This is a great reading for when you have a question and want more information about the recent past, present, and near future.  You can ask a general or specific question and get guidance about the path you are currently on with this question; allowing you to decide if you want to continue on the same path or change things up to get you going into a different direction.

This reading consists of 10 tarot cards laid out into a specific layout.  The placement of the cards and the cards themselves work together to give you the answers that you need and desire.  

All I need is your name and question for this reading.  If you do not have a question and just want a general reading, I will ask the question “what does (your name) need to know most at this moment in time”.

10 Cards     $45.00 ($5 Savings)